A podcast, blog, and one-on-one conversations deconstructing religion, exploring the Transcendent, and cultivating intimacy with Godde

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What is Urban Mystic?

If you're among those leaving religions behind, whether any of the great monotheisms and the variety of flavours thereof (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) or the Buddhisms or Hinduisms and even atheisms (yes these are plural, diverse, and complex), we're sure you'll benefit from what we're sharing in our podcast, blog, and one-on-one's.


In Season 1 we focused on understanding the Transcendent as a broader category and explored the lack of relational connection with the Transcendent in the practice of the religions through the proxy deconstruction of Christianity.

Season 2 has just launched at urbanmystic.podbean.com, and here Tim and Steve speak to a number of deconstructors. We explore their experience of Godde and calling to ministry, their realisation that institutional religion is not all it promotes itself as, and their contribution thereafter.


We blog at urbanmystic.blog to provide support for the podcast and as another avenue for sharing ideas and conversation.


Tim regularly meets with people one-on-one via Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp. Contact us via email to book a session with Tim to explore your journey and engage some of the ideas put out on the urbanmystic.podbean.com and urbanmystic.blog.
Tim Victor

Tim hosts the podcast and is an urban mystic, thinker, writer, and conversationalist committed to relational spirituality.

Tim is best known for his work with postsecular spiritual seekers and serves as a provocateur arguing for the practice of the presence of Godde. Tim is hosts several courses including 7 Key Relationships, The problem of God, and The Trinity Sessions. He regularly meets people online for one-on-one sessions via Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp.

Tim holds a Diploma in Theology, B.A. Honours in Religious Studies, a Masters in Theology (Christian Spirituality). 

Steve Carter

Steve hosts the podcast and is currently dedicated to ameliorative and positive development work amongst communities, churches, NGO's and families.

Steve's work is spread amongst being a counsellor, strategist, educator, writer, thinker and relational presence; as well as an interrogator of current Christian religious institutions and their dysfunction. He has a particular interest in the relational, emotional and spiritual health of religious leaders, and, to this end, spends much time in dialogue and spiritual direction with this demographic.

Steve holds a B.A. Honours in Psychology from the University of South Africa.

Season 2

What leads people to deconstruction

The conversations on this podcast are important for anyone who has left the church (and by proxy those leaving other religions and their institutions) and yet remain interested in living deeply in this present life. In Season 2 we speak to a number of guests deconstructing the link between the institution of the church and their relationship with God. These are live conversations with real people. We're sure you'll enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed having them.

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