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We're committed to making intimacy with God central to our living and loving as individuals and making the practice of the presence of God central when gathering as communities.

History shows that every renewal movement settles, but that doesn't mean that we have to do so. By transforming ministry and spirituality toward practicing the Presence of God we don't have to.

Since the Reformation we've made the message, or teaching, central to doing church and therewith to the practice of the Christian faith. Though God regularly brings Renewals, Revivals, and Awakenings we've not yet responded to make pursuing and engaging God the central practice of our faith. This has resulted in every movement birthed during Revivals and Awakenings settling into doing church as a meeting about God, focused on the message, rather than as gatherings to meet with God, focusing on the Presence of God.

In light of this we need to deconstruct church, recognise that the problem of God is presented anew in the postmodernising world, and cultivate opportunities to practice the presence of God throughout our lives and gatherings as faith communities.



A research project exploring what we're doing when doing church. We demonstrate that despite apparent differences that modern churches descended from the Reformation share a common model when doing church.

It is this modern approach to doing church that's proved successful in modernising environments which is proving unsuccessful in postmodernising environments.

We propose a new model of doing church centered on pursuing and practicing the Presence of God.



Many recognise that their desire to know and relate to God is not being met when meeting about God, irrespective of the religions or faiths they're committed to.

The problem of God is presented anew in the postmodernising world as deeply relational, experiential, and culturally systemic. It is a significant challenge to those who're spiritual but not religious, to those who recognise the complicity of the faiths in crimes against humanity, and to Christians who recognise their faith is practices as meetings about rather than with God.



We know God as the creator and sustainer of everything, yet we often struggle to discover and know God. We recognise that God simultaneously transcends everything whilst being potentially available everywhere, yet we seek to know God as present tangibly, immediately and personally.

The practice of the Presence of God is a lifestyle characterised by walking with God and can be central to individual spirituality, small groups, and when doing church.


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Tim is an urban mystic, a thinker, writer, and conversationalist committed to relational spirituality. Tim is best known for his work with postmodern spiritual seekers and as a provocateur arguing for a new approach to doing church and spirituality centered on pursuing and practicing the Presence of God. Tim is hosts several courses including 7 Key Relationships, The Trinity Sessions, and the seminar De-/Re-Constructing Church, and is currently writing Sharing the 7 Key Relationships. Tim holds a B.A. Honours in Religious and is a M.Th. Candidate in Christian Spirituality at UNISA.

Tim Victor

Bev is an urban mystic and hosts the series 7 Key Relationships: For Kids. Bev has a corporate background in Educational and Tourism Publishing in SubSaharan Africa. She is an illustrator and author who is passionate about knowing God and hearing from God. Bev has run a successful Children’s Ministry on behalf of Metro Vineyard in Cape Town, has a wealth of experience and training in the Prophetic and works as a Prophetic Voice for Father’s Heart Ministries and serves as a member of an international intercessory team. Bev is committed to enabling people to hear from and nurture their relationship with God. Bev is currently studying theology at the Vineyard Institute.

Bev Victor

Urban Mystic is connected to the Association of Vineyard Churches, a global network of over 2,500 churches around the world sharing the same values, priorites, and practices.

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