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There are rare opportunities to support projects that are new, groundbreaking, and important. This is one of them.

In this video Tim Victor, the founder of Urban Mystic, reflects on the work of Urban Mystic, his vision for intimacy with God shaping a practical spirituality for individuals and communities, and asks for financial partners to join in this work.

We encourage support individuals in exploring their value for intimacy with God and support them as they prioritise this and develop an individual and communal practice of the presence of God.

Urban Mystic helps people cultivate a lifestyle of relational spirituality and individuals and communities to develop a practice of the presence of God. We do this through our podcast, blog, research, courses, and conversational pilgrimages.

We've long been aware that Renewals, such as the Great Awakenings and Revivals, don't last. These periods are characterised by God's closeness and prove disruptive to churches. It is clear that before and after these periods that we 'do church'. We've not considered what it means to value intimacy with God or developed a practice of the presence of God for individuals or communities rooted in the 'numinous', in the experience of God's close presence, activity, and voice. This is the work of Urban Mystic, to encourage and support individuals and communities exploring their value for intimacy with God and looking to prioritise such as the practice of the 'numinous' presence of God.


Cultivating a 'Relational Spirituality'
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The Podcast of the Urban Mystic

The Podcast of the Urban Mystic is the public face of our work and can be found on Podbean and YouTube.

The podcast is our honest and vulnerable grappling with the absence of God in faith as institutionalised and commercialised and the quest for an authentic relational spirituality centred on the presence of God.

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Unstructured Conversations

We meet one-on-one with people for conversations about religion, spirituality, and mysticism. We can meet in person or online via Zoom, WhatsApp, or FaceTime.

Connect with us to explore how we can journey with you.

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Conversational Pilgrimages

Our flagship course Relational Spirituality: A new beginning is an 8-week practice of entering deeper into living and loving. This is the place to start for those interested in rebooting their spirituality and establish their own practice of the presence of God.

In this series each participant tells their story, practices listening deeply as others tell their story, and cultivates their own practice of the presence of God.

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With PayPal you can support Urban Mystic by clicking on the image to the left or using your iPhone or Android phone's camera to read the QR Code. This will open a page where you can choose to donate once-off or regularly. You can also click here.

We don't commercialise our time, podcast, or contribution to the lives of others. Your support enables us to continue the work of the urban mystic. We operate on a pay what you want model for one-on-one's and groups.

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Tim Victor
Founder, Spiritual Director, and Podcast Host

Tim thrives on an active lifestyle in mind and body. He loves hiking, rock climbing, and surfing. He's an urban mystic committed to relational spirituality. He hosts The podcast of the Urban Mystic yet is perhaps best known for his work with those self-defined as 'spiritual but not religious', church leavers, and deconstructers. He is establishing an approach to spiritual accompaniment rooted in the relational presence of God which differs from the doing church paradigm and to devotional spirituality and the centring prayer of the wisdom schools. Tim currently lives in Cape Town, is divorced, and has two amazing children.

Tim holds a Diploma in Theology (Missiology) from Cornerstone Christian College (Missiology, 1996) as well as a B.A. Honours in Religious Studies and Masters in Theology (Spirituality, Cum Laude, 2019) from the University of South Africa. He is also pursuing a Doctorate in Theology (Spirituality, started 2022) focusing on "Mystagogy and Self-revelation: Reflecting on the practice of the presence of God and engaging with theology and contemplation." at the University of Pretoria.

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Stever Carter
Podcast Host

Steve has been a musician, coach, writer, whole brain specialist, business owner, pastor, and social entrepreneur. Through out his adult life he has let his passion lead him to diverse and fascinating projects, which are usually focused towards people and their development. Underpinning this has always been a strong and steady calling into relational intimacy with God. He has pursued this, run from this, and ignored this – in equal measure. But the presence of God and calling are relentless.

Steve grew up in a church context, and pursued full-time ministry for a while. He has, however, left the institutional church paradigm and is researching and exploring relational spirituality as foundational for life and fulfilment.

Steve currently lives with his wife and three children in the Netherlands. He holds a B.A. Honours in Psychology from the University of South Africa, and is looking forward to a Masters in Psychology and Spirituality in the next few years.

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